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The Masculine Man: is a Fighting Man!

What has society done to the masculine man? It has disrobed him, cut off his manhood, and put him on display for the entire world to see. It has turned him into a sissy, wrapped in insecurity and emotion, and unable to be the man he is intended to be.

Take a look at what is being played on TV nowadays, everywhere you turn it seems to be a show where the man is dumb, can not do anything right, and is walked all over by family and friends. This is not how we were ever supposed to be.

We see whole families being ripped apart because the man is not man enough to admit that he has a drinking problem and needs help. We see fathers treating sons and daughters like prostitutes and prisoners. We see wives and woman being raped, beat up like a punching bag, and put into slavery in their own homes. Now I am not for a second saying this is all the man’s fault or societies fault; but there are greater forces of evil at work here, however, the men need to stand up and FIGHT!

In ancient days gone by the men were warriors; they protected, hunted, provided for and loved their families. As time has gone by and evil has worked its way in, men have lost their masculinity. Men now need to realize this and need to stand for what they believe in. They need to take the role of leadership that has been given them and do it. They need to take up the role of protecting and providing that has been given to them and do it. They need to love and be loved!

We as men need to be fighting men, no longer backing down and allowing the evil one to take ground, but standing up in the authority that God has given us and FIGHT.



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  1. Gail Porter

    Hi Timothy,
    I was just this morning reading Galatians 5, and now your comments on men of today, and it seems to me that the Galatians are not the only foolish ones! What I see is this: men of the world today have allowed themselves to be “circumcised” and 5:3: Christ is of no value to them. When Adam stood next to Eve and not only allowed her to eat the forbidden fruit, but ate of it himself at her bidding, he “circumcised”himself in an unholy way.
    Christ is the only way! I have seen guys in our church who whom Christ is of great value. Would that it could be so for all!

    January 28, 2011 at 08:52

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