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Wanted – P1 – The Lie

A look at how much God loves us.

We all want to be wanted. We all want to be loved. We all want to be desired. We all want to be accepted. We all want to be WANTED, we just don’t realize how wanted we are. How loved, desired and accepted we are. And how nothing ever can separate us from that. This is a look at that love!

The problem we have today is that we believe the lie that God is holding back on us and so, we now think we are not all we can be. This lie could not be further from the truth, however we find the world and religious circles spewing out that exact message. We hear people saying that God is not happy with us, that we have upset Him and He is waiting to punish us. That we’re not good enough yet, not righteous enough yet and in return these kinds of messages end up creating a lack of assurance towards God and destroying our true identity.

How did we end up like this? I believe it all happened in the beginning, in the Garden of Paradise. Adam and Eve were lead into believing a lie which caused them to fall. It was that moment that would change mankind’s mindset forever. C. Baxter Kruger says this about the fall,

“The actual Fall came before they ate the fruit. They fell when they stopped believing the truth and believed the lie of the serpent. In that moment, the razor cut through their souls, assurance was shredded, and anxiety infiltrated the scene of human history. Eating the fruit itself was the first fruit, the first response to the great anxiety that swept into their hearts when they believed the lie. The serpent convinced them that God was holding out on them, that He was not giving them everything they should have, that they were not yet everything they could be. He convinced them that they were missing out. What happened to Adam and Eve’s assurance when they believed that lie? What happened to their security and peace when they believed that God was holding out on them, that they were not everything they could be, that they were missing out on the real glory? Their assurance and security and peace were destroyed, and their souls were baptized with the lethal roux of anxiety and insecurity and guilt. Adam and Eve suddenly knew good and evil. Moreover, the baptism of anxiety instantly colored the way Adam and Eve perceived the world around them and one another. That baptism produced hiding, self-protection and self-centeredness, which acted together with their colored perception to obliterate their freedom for fellowship.”

You see, belief on this lie has corrupted our view of God and our view of who we are. This lie has gotten to the core of us, and completely warped all that we hold dear. We are now left with the task of rediscovering and understanding what God originally had in mind for us. However, in order to do this we need to get rid of this lie that has been ingrained into all that we do, and see God for who He is.

When Adam and Eve believed the lie and fell, they ran and hid themselves from God. When they took this lie and believed it, the flood gates of insecurities and guilt were opened up. I believe this belief in the lie caused them to have a perverse perspective…


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